We’re No Longer Recommending Bing-based Services

Earlier this month I dropped my recommendation of Bing-monetized parking companies Parked and SmartName. Income has just not rebounded Since Bing took over monetization of these services from Yahoo. As of this month I recommend the Google-based services DomainSponsor, NameDrive, and Sedo/SedoPro.   

Income has been dropping at Google services too – but it’s been a slow, steady decline.  Income at the Bing-based services fell off a cliff.  I know that people at these services are scurrying to work on ways to increase income. Another Bing-based service, TrafficZ, announced a new diversified platform that they expect to implement in the future.  

What should domain owners do?  Carefully evaluate what has been happening with your domain portfolio. Compare domains from month-to-month, but also from year-to-year.  Some domains are likely doing a little better at Bing, so you shouldn’t move everything to a Google-based service.   In addition to their Bing “ad feed” SmartName has a “Shops” feature that builds ecommerce shops monetized through Shopping.com.  If you have product domains, consider switching to this type of landing page.  WhyPark has a similar feature, although other features at their service are Bing-based.

If you still want to keep some domains at a Bing-based service, I’d recommend Parked as the one to stick with. Their leadership has consistently demonstrated honest, ethical dealing with domain owners when some other services have changed the rules with no advanced notice.  Donny Simonton is creative and accessible and I’m sure he is scrambling to find a way to move Parked back to the top.

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  1. I try to cover all of the major services that have some sort of affiliate program. The Directi companies have never offered that to my knowledge.


  2. Now that Google has streamlined it's own Adsense for Domains platform (no more futzing with A Records etc) I wonder if anyone has done an income comparison with a significant number of domains.


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