Comparing Parking Companies

For the last few years we’ve been comparing domain parking companies at and NameMonetizer. For the most part we’ve been manually moving domains from one company to another to see how they do.  We also look at the relative income we get from some of the affiliate programs, and we read the domain forums to see what other domain owners are saying.  We’ve started using a new tool that is available to all at will import the data from most of the major parking companies.  If you choose, they can also try the domains at different companies to see where they make the most money. features:

  • A single dashboard for a side by side comparison of all parking companies for every domain.
  • Use your existing parking accounts.
  • Normalized RPMs for real transparency of domain parking earnings
  • Detailed Analytics: geo-graphics, search terms, referrals, URLs visited per domain
  • Automatic optimization of your domains
  • Easily test and compare different parking services on a single dashboard
  • Automatic redirection to alternate parking service if earnings drop

When you allow to rotate your domains they will test 10% of the traffic with another company to see if they provide better results.  If so – they will send most of the traffic there.  The service works best for domains that get significant traffic.  If you only get 10 uniques a month, their rotation of one visitor to another company won’t really tell much. also has an optional “Maximizer” service that will monetize Chinese traffic and other traffic that is difficult to monetize with mainstream parking companies.  They likely take a cut of this traffic, of course, but they do not take a cut of the income from other parking companies. is owned by Trellian, and they are providing the service for free as a way to consider your traffic for other Trellian services such as their Direct Search network that sends traffic directly to sites for a fee.  

We are in the early stages of testing, but I expect that it will be of great help as we evaluate parking companies.  Give it a try if you have a significant number of traffic domains.

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