Google Strikes out at Content Farms

Domain owners are caught between a rock and a hard place.  Bing has cut income from many parking companies, and now Google is taking new measures against spammy content.  Ironically, Demand Media is about to go public at the same time that Google strikes out against content farms like eHow.  Google’s efforts should also affect content farms that domainers use, such as WhyPark and Epik.  
Matt Cutts explained Google’s efforts in his blog:
We’re evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content. We’ll continue to explore ways to reduce spam, including new ways for users to give more explicit feedback about spammy and low-quality sites.

As “pure webspam” has decreased over time, attention has shifted instead to “content farms,” which are sites with shallow or low-quality content. In 2010, we launched two major algorithmic changes focused on low-quality sites. Nonetheless, we hear the feedback from the web loud and clear: people are asking for even stronger action on content farms and sites that consist primarily of spammy or low-quality content.

Most of us have given-up on getting undeveloped domains listed in Google.  That’s probably how it should be.  I know that I get annoyed when I get a scraped nonsensical blog post as a top search result.  It still happens too often, but that may be changing.  If your domains don’t get at least some type-in traffic or expired traffic, then you should probably not expect to earn income while they await sale.  
If you do use sites like WhyPark and Epik, consider adding unique, valuable content to your domains there.  It takes more work (or more money to pay somebody to do the work) but it may pay off.

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