WhyPark teamed with AdSense

WhyPark and AdSense can be a powerful combination.  You may recall that there was a period where some domains that used WhyPark were banned from Google’s AdSense program. WhyPark scrambled to develop their own ad network, which was greatly strengthened when they were bought by domain parking powerhouse Parked.  My domains that were with WhyPark at that time still won’t show AdSense ads, but new domains that I host with WhyPark usually do show AdSense ads.

I had a few domains that were getting pageviews with parking companies but little income.  These seemed like perfect domains to move to WhyPark. Whenever I move a traffic domain to WhyPark I generally use AdSense for monetization.   So far this experiment is paying off, thanks in part to the content on the pages and the fairly good keyword I am using.  The sites are being ranked in Google for terms related to the theme of the site.  While monetization with WhyPark’s internal feed has improved, I get better results from AdSense in most cases.

Interestingly, others are complaining that Google is de-indexing their sites.  Ads still appear, but the sites are no longer in the Google index.How can you avoid this fate?  

1. Use their premium feed that includes more content.

2. Write at least 1 or 2 original articles (or commission them through WhyPark or Guru.com).
3. Always include a newsfeed on your site that pulls relevant headlines.
4. Modify their template and mix things up a little.  
5. Avoid the temptation to load pages up with extra ads.    


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