The King of BP Type-ins

Rick Schwartz has provided evidence that you can still hand register type-in domains that get traffic.  See this post at RicksBlog.  Aside from the moral issues of profiting from a natural disaster, and the TM issues of using the BP trademark in a domain, what lessons can be learned here?  People use the Internet to search for information about natural disasters.  A few people, presumably those who are not internet-savvy, will add a “.com” to the end of terms that describe a natural disaster.  When presented with a page full of paid links, some of these people will click on a link.  Will this click lead to a sale?  Not very likely in my mind.

Rick does have a point.  If you want to build a portfolio based on disaster keyword domains you may make money, at least in the short run.  Just be prepared to dump the domains when the crisis is over.  I wonder how all those tsunami domains are doing?

If you do take advantage of this strategy of buying domains based on news stories, you will want to quickly park them the way that Rick did.  If you find one or two getting especially large amounts of traffic, then you may want to quasi-develop those at somewhere like WhyPark

According to Rick

Out of 16 domains I registered on April 29, 11 already are making $$ and the others are just a bit premature. So for the know nothings… still know nothing! But go right ahead and make a fool of yourself. 255 visitors $12.55 earnings 132 visitors $11.80 earnings 165 and $14.95 76 and $1.17 70 and $2.08 244 and $12.55 17 and .48 1035 and $14.39 15 and $3.99 40 and $6.33 72 and 2.08 5/2010

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