Upcoming Events focus on Monetization

The upcoming T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas show (January 21-23 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino) is the first produced by Rick Latona.  He has ditched Rick Schwartz's "invitation only" policy and opened the show up to all (finally).  The new Rick has followed the lead of "fun" conferences like Domainer Mardi Gras and skipped ealry... Continue Reading →

How to Monetize Now?

Domain parking income is down 40-60% for most domain owners.  While parking companies are tweaking their algorithms to squeeze every drop out of parking, there is also a shift toward domain sales as a way to monetize domain names.  If you've been in the industry long enough, you've seen this before.  This is how many... Continue Reading →

Brian Carr of NameMedia on Domain Monetization in late 2009 and Beyond

http://blip.tv/play/g9tTgYqtUgA Brian Carr is Senior VP of Domain Publishing at NameMedia.  He shares his thoughts about NameMedia's domain publishing (parking)services and the future of domain monetization.  In this interview he talks about the new iPhone apps for GoldKey, ActiveAudience and GoldKey; and reveals that GoldKey and ActiveAudience domainers can get the SmartName Shopping.com feed that... Continue Reading →

Sedo adds RevenueDirect Template

Sedo announced last week that it has added the first template that they have taken over from the defunct RevenueDirect service that they acquired.  They characterize the "Direct Blue" template as a "visually simple template with a high performance rate." The template does have a clean look and feel.  The graphic adds to the attractiveness... Continue Reading →

Revenue Direct gets Swallowed by Sedo

The writing is now on the wall. RevenueDirect is closing down and all of their domains will be consolidated at Sedo.  This makes sense from a business point-of-view.  Why operate two competing platforms?  Here's an excerpt of the email I received today: As a valued RevenueDirect client, we´d like to welcome you into Sedo´s family... Continue Reading →

WhyPark adds Features and Charges

WhyPark was the first quasi-development platform. [Update 4/28/09 - They have dropped the $1200 fee!] For $100 you could add up to 100 domains and they would build them out with content from article directories. You added your own AdSense ad code and you had a site full of content. At least that was the... Continue Reading →

DevHub Improves on Evo Formula

DevHub is a tool to help you develop your domains. It is essentially the reincarnation of EvoLanding, the service that created great looking sites that did not monetize well. The new sites look even better, but the big news is the control that you have over your sites on the back-end. Below is a screen... Continue Reading →

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