Domain Parking Recommendations

Is parking still worth it?  Absolutely.  Many of my domains continue to earn some good income if they get traffic.  While you try to sell your domains you should still park them.  Domains awaiting development should also be parked.  Yahoo-based services seem to be taking a hit first, as Yahoo announces changes in mondtization.  Google... Continue Reading →

DomainSponsor Invades Europe

DomainSponsor announced Monday that it is opening an office in Europe in early 2010.  They have appointed Joerg Schnermann as General Manager for DomainSponsor Europe. They also announced the appointment of  Jessica Besseling and Joe Higgins to the European team.Schnermann was formerly COO of Before that he worked in the "real world" as a... Continue Reading →

How to Monetize Now?

Domain parking income is down 40-60% for most domain owners.  While parking companies are tweaking their algorithms to squeeze every drop out of parking, there is also a shift toward domain sales as a way to monetize domain names.  If you've been in the industry long enough, you've seen this before.  This is how many... Continue Reading →

New Parked / WhyPark Forum

Check out the new forum for Parked and Whypark at  This seems to be Donny's answer to criticism he received not too long ago on NamePros.  It's already a very active forum for domainers and there are wide-ranging discussions on issues other than parking.  It's also another place to buy and sell domains. 

Sedo Tweaks its Parking Pages

  The domain giant Sedo has made some changes to its domain parking platform that should result in more revenue for domain owners who park with their service. Some of these changes were already available to their invitation-only Sedo Pro service. The changes: The ability to choose between one-click and two-click landing pages. Most domainers... Continue Reading →

Brian Carr of NameMedia on Domain Monetization in late 2009 and Beyond Brian Carr is Senior VP of Domain Publishing at NameMedia.  He shares his thoughts about NameMedia's domain publishing (parking)services and the future of domain monetization.  In this interview he talks about the new iPhone apps for GoldKey, ActiveAudience and GoldKey; and reveals that GoldKey and ActiveAudience domainers can get the SmartName feed that... Continue Reading →

The Latest Domain Parking Trends by Sector

by Howard Hoffman In my last column, I reviewed some of the reasons that domain parking revenues have fallen. As previously reported, my overall average revenue dropped about 45% between January 2007 and January 2009. First the good news: it appears that domain parking revenue may be stabilizing. Revenue has been fairly flat since December... Continue Reading →

Sedo adds RevenueDirect Template

Sedo announced last week that it has added the first template that they have taken over from the defunct RevenueDirect service that they acquired.  They characterize the "Direct Blue" template as a "visually simple template with a high performance rate." The template does have a clean look and feel.  The graphic adds to the attractiveness... Continue Reading →

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