Google Ordered to Release Parked Domain Metrics

Online Media Daily reported on Friday that U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd has ordered Google to release metrics related to it's domain parking and "errors" program.  The judge is presiding over a potential class-action lawsuit by search marketers against Google.  According to the report Google must disclose concerns its assessment of the quality of sites within... Continue Reading →

Comparing Parking Companies

For the last few years we've been comparing domain parking companies at and NameMonetizer. For the most part we've been manually moving domains from one company to another to see how they do.  We also look at the relative income we get from some of the affiliate programs, and we read the domain forums... Continue Reading →

We’re No Longer Recommending Bing-based Services

Earlier this month I dropped my recommendation of Bing-monetized parking companies Parked and SmartName. Income has just not rebounded Since Bing took over monetization of these services from Yahoo. As of this month I recommend the Google-based services DomainSponsor, NameDrive, and Sedo/SedoPro.    Income has been dropping at Google services too - but it's been... Continue Reading →

Sedo Cleans up Parking

Sedo has reportedly made some interesting  changes to its parking program .The parking pages were switched to JavaScript at the end of October.  According to Sedo: A change to a predominantly JavaScript-based advertising feed means that non-human traffic (traffic from bots or scripts that does not lead to sales for advertisers) will be more accurately... Continue Reading →

Minor Glitches plague Yahoo-to-Bing Transition

Yahoo-based domain services, such as  TrafficZ, Parked, WhyPark, and SmartName, are reporting that their U.S. and Canadian ads are now coming from Microsoft's Bing service.  Yahoo is still running the ad networks in some other countries, and the parking companies have deals with secondary providers for traffic from additional countries. This switch was supposed to be revenue... Continue Reading →

Using DNS for Parking Companies

Last month I reported on some issues that Google had raised about using different types of redirects to park domains.  It seems that the best way to park domains is to change the nameservers (such as or for the domain.  Micheal Gilmour had a great article about this issue on his blog.  He... Continue Reading →

Ron Jackson’s SmartName Experiment

Ron Jackson of DNJournal recently reported on an experiment with some keyword .us domains that he moved from traditional parking pages to SmartName shops, monetized by  Ron used some great one and two word product name domains that are not likely to naturally get type-in traffic - names like,,, and Continue Reading →

Domain Parking – Who’s Left?

The air seems to be leaking out of the domain development balloon as domain owners discover just how much work domain development is.  It's not enough to develop a domain, you then have to maintain it.  That means, at a minimum, keeping WordPress up to date and continuing to add new content.  Multiply that times... Continue Reading →

TrafficZ fixes Domain Manager Problem

TrafficZ notified users yesterday that they fixed the problems with their backend that domainers use to manage their domains.  I received emails on June 10th stating that they were having network issues stemming from our hosting company. This will not affect revenue in any way. All parking pages are currently functional; however, use of the... Continue Reading →

Sedo Goes Direct to Advertisers

Domain monetization company Sedo is going direct to advertisers with its new SedoDNA program.   Their new home-grown ad network will allow advertisers to place paid ads directly on domains parked with Sedo. These ads will likely mix with the google ads that have always populated Sedo-parked domains. The SedoDNA ads will likely be a better deal... Continue Reading →

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