Sedo Gets a Facelift

The domain giant Sedo has given their site a much-needed facelift.  The site looks cleaner throughout, but some of the content is now buried a little deeper.  You may also find that some of your settings have changed.  If your parking stats aren’t showing up, just click in the boxes for the columns you want to see.

Sedo is one of the services that we have recommended for some time for parking.  Their Google-based service continues to weather the storm and produce income, and they also have one of the best domain marketplaces.

2 thoughts on “Sedo Gets a Facelift

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  1. It’s nice and all but I don’t understand why companies shift their content off to the left side of the screen, just put it full screen or in the middle. Navigation is a bit tough with a touchpad also.


  2. I have been using sedo for many years now and prefer it over any other parking places. I have wonder many times is sedo the biggest parking place for domainers and also for end users looking for domain names?


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