Development with WhyPark

WhyPark is marketed as an alternative to domain parking.   If you have simply dumped your domains there like you would at a parking company then you are not getting the most from their quasi-development platform.  It’s even possible to treat WhyPark as a complete development platform, although it means manually editing html and stylesheets.  

Be Careful with Keywords.  

When you initially add a name to WhyPark you are prompted for several set-up options.  One of the most important options to attend to is the “keyword” option.  If you put in the wrong keywords you will get off-topic articles from their collection.  If you leave keywords for them to optimize you may also get off-topic articles. Part of the Control Panel in WhyPark

My vision for the site was to provide resources for eco-friendly parenting.  I quickly set the site up and went on to other projects.  When I returned to the site recently I found it pulling in articles for green-colored baby furniture and health articles about green poop and green vomit.  What was going on?

I examined the keywords and found: “baby shoes, carters green, green dragon costume, 4t green, green sleeper, feces infants, green babies, green stool, green blood, baby infants, constipation infants, green diarrhea, green baby, green feces, diarrhea infants, green stools, green poop, teething infants, green vomiting, coughing infants.”  Is someone at WhyPark obsessed with poop?

I don’t believe these were the keywords that I had entered, and I assume that someone had helpfully tried to optimize the site (which you can request).  Maybe they were using knowledge from one of their ad feeds?  I deleted those keywords and entered the following: “Environmental parenting, Green parenting, green infants, green babies, green baby, cloth diapers, green diapers.” Now I get a much better assortment of articles.

Make some minor HTML changes.  

The picture that shows up for your layout is editable, and a simple html snippet can also make it clickable.  Many people click on the header graphic to go back to the home page, but for some reason WhyPark designs do not make this graphic clickable.  

Use this html <a href=”/”>[[imgHeader]]</a> to substitute the category picture you have chosen and to make it clickable.  Replace the line that refers to the generic template picture.  Look for a line that includes code such as <img src=”; width=”572″ height=”174″ /> and replace this section with the code above.

Always include an incoming RSS feed

(if you are using the paid version).  This feed places headlines on your site from a targeted blog or news site in your field. The coding for this is done well, so that visitors and spiders see the changing text headlines as continuously updating HTML rather than javascript gobbelty gook (which some feed readers look like).  

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