More on WhyPark Development

WhyPark is actually a very sophisticated platform that lets you create almost any type of site you want to.  You do this by editing the layout of your site using their editing tools. When you go to edit a layout you will see two windows – one for the stylesheet for your site and one for the HTML content.  This gives you the ability to edit your site at a very granular level.  Some blocks of content – such ad the main article list and the ads above and below – are not individually editable, but you can choose to omit them entirely if you want to by removing the [[mainbody]] tag.  (You will almost never want to do this.)  Most normal HTML will work with editing your layout.  You can also use a bunch of “placeholders” as short-cuts to special pieces of content.

Site Placeholders:

According to WhyPark placeholders are “used to insert the dynamic pieces of your sites into your layout. They add functionality and provide a simple way to move functionality around within your layout.”  Use the double square bracket terms listed below when you are editing your WhyPark site’s layout:

  • [[domain]] Inserts your domain name into layout.
  • [[forsale]] Insert a link to sell your domain. This placeholder is replaced with a link to an inquiry form where buyers can contact you.
  • [[image]] Insert the default small image for your site’s category
  • [[imgHeader]] Insert the default header image for your site’s theme or category
  • [[imgMedium]] Insert the dynamic 385×261 image
  • [[mainbody]] The main content for every page which includes the full articles, custom pages, etc.
  • [[newsletter]] Insert a sign up link for your newsletter. This feature is only available with subscribers to the Managed tier of service.
  • [[related]] Insert the related articles. Related articles show a title and summary of an article on your site to keep users engaged.
  • [[rssfeed-in]] If you have an external RSS feed associated with your site, insert this placeholder to indicate where the content from it will be displayed. This feature is only available with subscribers to the Enhanced and Managed tier of service. It may take up to 24 hours to see the first data from these feeds.
  • [[rssfeed-out]] Insert a link to download your RSS feed. This feature is only available with subscribers to the Managed tier of service.
  • [[sitename]] Insert the name of your site as defined in your main site settings.
  • [[textads]] Insert text ads you’ve setup for this site.

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