Oversee Announces the Next DomainFest Global

The people at Oversee.net had a problem. They held the best domain conference to date in January this year, topped-off by a benefit at the Playboy Mansion, Over 600 attended, double the size of most recent domain conferences. What could they possibly do for an encore? A recent press release stated underscored the dilemma Last... Continue Reading →

WhyPark Drops the $100 Fee

WhyPark's domain development services once cost $100 for 100 domains. As I noted in a previous post the basic services will aggregate content from article directories on your sites. You add your own AdSense ad code or use one of their monetization options and you have a site full of content. For a fee you... Continue Reading →

DevHub Improves on Evo Formula

DevHub is a tool to help you develop your domains. It is essentially the reincarnation of EvoLanding, the service that created great looking sites that did not monetize well. The new sites look even better, but the big news is the control that you have over your sites on the back-end. Below is a screen... Continue Reading →

EvoLanding fails to bring Income

Like other domainers, I had high hopes for EvoLanding.  In most cases their sites looked really great.   I parked around 70 domains with them some months back and I was pleased with the content-rich sites that they created.   Their business model seems to be automated content creation that includes media such as video.... Continue Reading →

SmartName Shops fixes their headers/footers

The header and footer functionality in Smart Name Shops is now working again.  SmartName is a very exclusive "domain parking" program from NameMedia that allows you to create ecommerce comparison shopping sites with a few clicks.  In the September newsletter I had mentioned that these shops were broken - that the header and footer text... Continue Reading →

WhyPark may be worth a second look

WhyPark has improved their templates and AdSense ads seem to be working again on at least some sites.  AnxietyArticles.com is an example of one of their newer templates, without customization.  All I did was to add AdSense code for a small banner and a video ad.  WhyPark was one of the first networks to help... Continue Reading →

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